Abducted (Alienware 2003 Compo Game)


My entry for the Alienware 2003 Compo at The Game Creators. It is a very basic FPS (First Person Shooter) where your objective is to collect 10 power cubes dotted around the landscape. Aliens beam down from their UFO's and chase after you but you can shoot back with your plasma gun.

I ran out of time to turn this into a proper game, so there is no way you can die, there are hardly any objects or buildings and when you have collected all 10 cubes the game simply goes back to menu.

The idea was to have hundreds of objects, buildings, tunnels, traps, keys, doors, weapons, e.t.c. but as I mentioned before time beat me big time. I am still undecided whether to continue project or not. Game was mainly a learning project and taught me a lot about coding a game and at least I have lots of useful functions and routines I can reuse on other projects.


Name Size Description
abducted.dba 50 KB Source Code ( you also need one of the following
archives which contains all the media required )
abducted.zip 4.45 MB

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Compiled EXE - 800 * 600 * 32bit

abducted.rar 3.08 MB
abducted.7z 3.00 MB


Music composed by Bjorn Lynne - Click here to visit his site


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